PANTERA GROUP has also developed projects for new technologies for the future with its solution partners in both ultrasonic welding and overlap gluing.


PANTERA GROUP acts as the R&D department of its customers during the development of collections, undertaking trial productions with new fabrics, with various print techniques and with different or new production processes, providing customers with feedback on the possibility of success of these trials, not only technically but commercially


PANTERA GROUP has been embracing new ultrasonic welding technology, as one of the first company with ultrasonic welded active wear garments in the market as of the beginning of 2006


THE GROUP is, also, one of the first in a new development in overlap gluing as of 2008. We progress and develop more techniques in cooperation with our partners Framis, Macpi, Bemis.


The group, in a continuous pace, develops new fabrics together with partner fabric suppliers.